FD&A System Commissioner Level 3

The FIA AO Level 3 in Fire Detection and Alarm Commissioning Theory and Regulatory Requirements is intended to provide technicians with the knowledge and skills necessary to commission Fire Alarm Systems. Technicians will understand the specific requirements of current and relevant UK legislation, alongside other associated standards, the technologies available and their application, through to certificating the commissioning and record keeping and handing the systems and associated documentation over to the end user.

This qualification is not linked to any manufacturer of FD&A equipment and will not include specific requirements set by those manufacturers for making connections, programming and testing. It is strongly recommended that commissioners complete product specific training from their chosen manufacturer in addition to completing this qualification prior to working on any installed system.

Learner Benefits and Objective

Learners completing this qualification will be able to commission an installed system, confirm the function of the system and any connected ancillary equipment before completing the required documentation and handover to the end user, including providing instructions on system operation, end user maintenance and record keeping. Learners completing this qualification will have particular knowledge and understanding of:

•    The Requirements and application of relevant standards for the commissioning of a system according to the UK Country in which the learner will be working (this may include 2 or more countries when working cross border or in border regions)
•    Requirements for testing the system and its components, identifying and rectifying faults, verifying system monitoring and ensuring system components function according to design and regulatory standards
•    Verifying the interface between the FD&A system and ancillary equipment, verifying functionality, and compatibility, identifying and rectifying faults, confirming cause and effect
•    Understanding documentation, ensuring design and install fulfils the customer and building requirements and that they are in accordance with the Fire Risk Assessment and prescribed system category.
•    Ensuring that the documentation is complete and ready for handover to the end user.
•    Understanding system maintenance and system fault finding
•    False Alarm Management, Soak Testing
•    Instructional techniques

Qualification Structure

The qualification is made up of 4 compulsory units.

Compulsory Units   Guided Learning  Invigilated Assessment  TQT
FIA AO Level 2 Foundation in Fire Detection and Alarm 16 Hrs 1 Hr  17 Hrs
FIA AO Level 2 Health and Safety for Field Service Technicians  4 Hrs 1Hr 5 Hrs
FIA AO level 3 Environmental Requirements for Field Service Technicians   4 Hrs   1 Hr  5 Hr
FIA AO Level 3 Commissioner 16 Hrs 2 Hr 18 Hrs
Total Qualification Time 40 Hrs 6 Hrs 46 Hrs

 This qualification is graded as Pass/Fail, a successful pass for all units will be required for award.

Learner Eligibility

•    Age Range - This qualification is approved for learners aged 18 and above
•    Geographic Location – This qualification is recognised by the regulators for England, Wales and Northern Ireland and is therefore suitable for learners working in each of these national regions, changes have been made to the qualification criteria in order to reflect the specific legislative requirements of each of these national regions
•    Learner Entry Requirements – There are no pre-requisite requirements for this course, however as an advanced role within the FD&A sector of the fire industry it is advised that learners entering this course should have experience of other technical roles within the FD&A sector.

Learner Progression
This qualification does not serve as pre-requisite to any other FIA Qualification.

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