FD&A Fundamentals - Domestic Level 3

The FIA AO Level 3 Fundamentals of the Recommendations for Fire Detection and Fire Alarm Systems in Domestic Buildings is intended to develop and provide an understanding of the fundamental recommendations placed on fire detection and fire alarm systems. Technicians will understand and be able to reference the recommendations as set out in BS 5839-6. With the exception of specific lists and references, this qualification does not include reference to commentary and is focused solely on the statements made in the recommendations. Any areas in which commentary has been referenced for the purpose of this qualification are specifically identified in the syllabus below.


Learner Benefits and Objectives

Learners successfully completing this qualification will be able to make reference to the standard, for its recommendations with regard to FD&A systems. They will have an understanding of the recommendations and know where to find each within the standard, including recommendations for:

  • General, Clauses 1,2 & 3; Scope, Normative References, Terms and Definitions
  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • System Components and Monitoring
  • System Type
  • Fire Detection
  • Alarms
  • Power and Control
  • Manual Call Points and Zoning
  • System Communications
  • Installation and Commissioning
  • User, System Testing and Maintenance
  • Annexes to BS 5839-6

The objectives of this qualification are to:

  • Prepare the learner for employment in the FD&A sector
  • Prepare the learner for career progression to other qualifications in the FD&A sector, in particular for qualifications focussed on the individual roles of persons working on FD&A systems

Qualification Structure

The qualification is made up of a single compulsory unit.

Compulsory Units Guided Learning Directed Learning Invigilated Assessment TQT

Level 3 Fundamentals of the Recommendations for Fire Detection and Fire Alarm Systems in DomesticBuildings

8 Hrs 4 Hrs 1.5 Hrs 13.5 Hrs

TQT for this qualification

8 Hrs 4 Hrs 1.5 Hrs 13.5 Hrs

Learner Eligibility

  • Age Range - This qualification is approved for learners aged 16 and above
  • Geographic Location – This qualification is recognised by the regulators for England and is therefore suitable for learners working this UK Country, changes have been made to the qualification criteria in order to reflect the specific legislative and regulatory requirements of each UK country
  • While not yet recognised by the regulators for Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland this qualification has also been developed with a view to future recognition in these UK countries and changes have been made for the benefit of learners located in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and the Border areas
  • Learner Entry Requirements – Learners should be proficient in level 2 in core skills (Literacy, Numeracy, and Communication) and should have successfully completed the FIA AO Level 3 Fundamentals of the Recommendations for Fire Detection and Fire Alarms Systems in Non-Domestic Buildings.

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