Centres provide the delivery of learning units that are required for a candidate to obtain an EQF qualification. FIAAO sets out the curriculum for various disciplines, the first set of requirements we have developed are for Fire Detection and Alarm technicians. These requirements are then turned into learning units by the Centres that will deliver the units to the candidates, the candidates are examined by the FIAAO to see if the candidate meets the level of requirements to achieve the qualification.

As explained in the overview page of Qualifications any accepted party can be a 'Learning Centre' that delivers their learning units that enable candidates to achieve the qualification, the process to become a learning centre is set out below:

If you wish to apply to be a learning centre you need to contact us and request an application form, there is a registration fee to cover the cost of processing and auditing your application, there is also an annual fee to cover similar re-audits by us. We have a Manual that covers centres and the requirents that need to be complied with and this will be provided on request, an audit will be carried out to ensure compliance. If compliance is satisfied then you will be approved to carry out the development of course material - this will also be audited.

Your developed courses are delivered by you to your applicant's and the students after a course are examined by us, using web based tools, candidates understand after the exam whether they have passed or failed. The cost of the examination per candidate is charged by FIAAO to the centres, should payment not be received then the candidate will not receive their qualification certificate.

The process of registering the candidate is regulated and managed via web based tools and you would be expected to conform to these and develop your API links to them.