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About the Fire Industry Association - Awarding Organisation (FIA AO)

The Fire Industry Awarding Organisation (FIA AO) gained recognition by the national regulators of qualifications for England (OFQUAL), Wales (QIW) and Northern Ireland (CCEA) in 2014 with the aim of providing specialised nationally recognised qualifications for the Fire Industry. Our intent being to serve our industry with demonstrable competence in learning for all levels of persons working in this specialised field. The FIA AO is owned by the Fire Industry Association and seeks to draw on the expertise gained through our own position in this specialised sector and by drawing on the expertise present through the FIA membership to provide high quality qualifications which fulfils the needs of fire businesses and ensuring compliance with current legislation, industry best practice and published standards and guidance.

As a nationally regulated awarding organisation you can be assured that our qualifications are developed with the learner and the employer in mind and we are required to adhere to rigorous quality assurance. Our qualifications have been set in according to the Standards of Recognition and development guidelines that we have agreed to abide by with the regulators. In return we are recognised to offer qualifications categorised under the heading of Engineering and are currently recognised on the Qualifications Curriculum Framework (QCF) to level 3 (A level equivalent) they also meet the standards set for the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) Level 4.

Copies of our important AO Policy Documents can be found at the foot of this web site, but should you wish more details about our training units or how to become a learning centre then please contact us.