FIA Awarding Organisation

We work with industry to ensure that qualifications are developed to enable the future of fire safety. The fire safety industry has always been dependent upon its people and, they in turn, on their training. Companies have always provided specific product training and bodies like the FIA have provided standards and other relevant skills training, however, our aging workforce with their vast knowledge and skills is retiring and taking these skills and their experience with them. This single act gives employers the largest management challenge they have faced in decades

The FIA was set the task of solving this issue by the board and the business believed becoming an ‘Awarding Organisation’ was one way to solve the issues. This status was achieved in 2014. Since then we have been working to develop our first set of national qualifications for fire detection and alarm engineers. Essentially the qualifications are for Installation Engineers, Commissioning & Service Technicians and Design Engineers.

These qualifications will be delivered by training centres and the first centre announced to provide suitable tuition to the curriculum for these qualifications will be the FIA learning centre based in Hampton in Middlesex.

Together with various apprentice programs, industry can now start to recruit young engineers knowing that a set of occupational qualifications exits and that their workforce can be developed and expanded around clear pathways that will provide diverse opportunities within the industry for its talented people