FIA Awarding Organisation


The Fire Industry Awarding Organisation (FIA AO) was born out of FIA Training in response to an industry recognised need for more robust training and qualifications. The FIA AO applied to and gained recognition by the national regulators of qualifications for England, Wales and Northern Ireland in 2014 in response to this need. Our intent is to serve our industry with demonstrable competence through learning for all levels of persons working in this specialised field.

Throughout the recognition process and on, to the development and ongoing maintenance of our qualifications the FIA AO consults with all stakeholders, most notably with the industry we serve in order to ensure that our qualifications are fit for purpose and fulfil the needs that they specify. The breadth of industry consultation ranges from industry leaders and employers through to field technicians and to the learners themselves on content and structure of our qualifications and assessment format, while we also have long served industry professionals and subject matter experts developing and authorising our assessment materials. In short, the expertise we draw on, is the industry we serve.

Our qualifications are delivered by our recognised training centres, who are responsible for development and delivery of educational materials and to prepare the learner, in order to pass their assessment, in whatever form it takes. Detail of our recognised centres are included in this website.

Our qualifications along with apprentice programs and the impending release of T-Levels, our industry can recruit technicians and engineers knowing that a set of occupational qualifications exists and that their workforce can be developed and expanded around clear pathways that will provide diverse opportunities within the industry for its talented people.